Ten Poker Tips That Will Help You In Becoming Poker Pro

Love playing poker? When playing poker follow these tips which will come handy

Pay attention to aggressive players and the tight players on the table and watch out on how they bet. The number of chips is important having less initially on the betting table would be great. If you have no cards that match the centre cards then fold them. Having an ace in your hand doesn’t mean you would have a winner on your hand. If you have good cards of higher value or in pairs or else it’s better to fold them.

In no limit Texas Hold’em you can bet any number of times and any time you want so when you really have very good cards at your disposal it’s better to back it up with a good bet. It better to wait and watch the hat the other player is up to before placing your bet.

Calling a bluff is very psychological thing and you can affect each other’s play this way. It has to be used at the right time tactically catching your opponent in the dark as they. Patience plays a key role in this game and work your way up. Think about what cards your opponent may have or how much would he place a bet on.

Dos and don’ts of the game


Act decisively and don’t keep others waiting over while you keep pondering what to do.

Be social and good attitude towards other players will help your games.


  • Don’t just keep others waiting. Don’t use abusive language and be very harassing towards other players.
  • Don’t talk too much, it’s a play to play not gossip or discuss issue. It would take the focus away from the game.
  • Don’t be boastful and start preaching about how you’re the experienced one.
  • Don’t give away emotions, this would enable other players to gauge your cards and may play safe or play out any other strategy.

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