Additional Uses for the Spinner Wheel

It is also software that enables you to do interactive presentations, lectures, seminars, and live quizzes. It has 18 different slide kinds. You have many customization options when using spinner wheel and you can increase interaction by allowing viewers to join the show directly using theĀ magic wheel generation software!

  1. Invite the audience to join

By extending a free invitation to everyone, you can attract your own game show audience. They may see the picker wheel magic happen on the presenter’s screen and see the outcomes shown live on their phones once they enter your exclusive room code into their phones.

  1. Request that participants enter their names.

Lacking the time to manually add your participants’ names? No issue. They will be asked to choose a name and an avatar when they enter your room, which will then be uploaded to the wheel automatically.

  1. Add a heading

To explain the purpose of the wheel, write a heading directly above the random number generator. You might write something amusing like “Who knows their physics?” or “Tick tock, it’s math o’clock” if you’re using the wheel to select people to respond to a question.

  1. Modify the style and backdrop

The random picker wheel extravaganza is the main attraction. You may choose any image and color for the background behind your steering wheel, as well as a different text, with Magic wheel designing software available. You may find images in the built-in image library, and there is also a dark mode.

The simplest method to do this is to have two independent windows open to this page, side by side. Both wheels can be spun at nearly the same time by pressing the spin button, albeit the wheel that is spun first will obviously spin a little bit before the other.

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