One of the main features of online casinos is to offer their players cash bonuses, so that they can play with more money than they actually deposited. The great variety of pgslot ทางเข้า bonuses present and the terminology associated with them can confuse the player who approaches this kind of entertainment for the first time, causing a series of doubts and misunderstandings that can compromise the gaming experience.

In this section we will initially describe the generic functioning of online casino bonuses, and then deepen topics such as the difference between “real bonus” and “fun bonus”, the concept of “playtrough” or game volume and what are the methods of crediting of bonuses and the restrictions they impose on the player What are online casino bonuses, how they are obtained, how they are credited and how to refuse them.

What is a bonus? The so-called “bonuses” offered by online casinos are promotions that allow players to place their bets on games with more money than they have deposited. In practice, the online casino makes available an additional sum of money on the player’s account, however placing some constraints and conditions that may vary depending on the gaming operator chosen.

How can you get a bonus at an online casino? There are mainly two types of bonuses: those with automatic crediting and those that require to be unlocked.

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In the first case, the bonus is credited immediately when the player makes a deposit that meets the requirements to access the promotion. In the second case, however, it is necessary to reach a certain number of bets in order to access the bonus credit. The specific rules can be read on the casino website or by accessing our reviews.

Finally, some promotions require the use of a promotional code to be activated.

How is the bonus credited to the player’s account? There are essentially two types of accreditation, one immediate and one progressive.

When a bonus is credited immediately, it is added to the player’s deposit and forms part of the total account balance. In this case, the player is usually imposed constraints or game volumes to be made in order to withdraw the winnings made using the bonus.

A progressive bonus, on the other hand, is not credited immediately, but is placed in a pending status, until certain requisites for redemption are met. Once these requirements are met, the bonus is added to the player’s account balance and any winnings made with it are immediately withdrawable. In rare cases (“real bonuses”) it is possible to withdraw your winnings at any time, even if the bonus is credited immediately.

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